The objective of this Team is to provide ID card to Staff and Students within the University community

This Team provide IT support through the administration of the University's Information System (PremierERP) responsible for the management of staff and students' srecords.

The core objective of this Team is to ensure the development and management of the University website, server administration and maintenance, and other e-services of the University.

To develop Software that will meet with the requirements of the University in general, and by extension also, meeting with the automation requirements of various units, departments and faculties of the university.

The core objective of this Team is to provide ubiquitous internet connectivity for all staff and students of the University and as well ensure the proper running of the Data Centre.

The core objective of this Team are the following:

  • Running of a fully functional one-stop Hardware workshop for the use of the entire university community
  • Administering computer laboratories within the CITS purview for CBT and other uses
  • Developing and maintaining a dynamic equipment maintenance system
  • Developing and maintaining a fully controlled equipment repair process flow
  • Monitoring and responding to computer laboratory requests
  • Developing and executing facility maintenance routine and procedure for CITS complex