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CITS is the Centre for Information Technology and Systems for the University of Lagos. It is responsible for the development and maintenance of information and communication technology, systems infrastructure such as email for both staff and student, student records and research & development. CITS is also involved in eTeaching and eLearning with interfaces to the UNILAG library and learning management system. The mission of CITS is to set into action a chain of events through which the University of Lagos would be transformed into an IT-driven System and society with the CITS at its hub and thereby facilitate the development of IT-based relationships and collaboration among staff, students, administrators and other stakeholders in the society. Through this mission we will strive to provide functional, adequate, and state-of-the-art facilities for Internet connectivity, virtual learning, computer laboratories and provision of IT related services for both staff and students of the University of Lagos.

When it was established some ten years ago in 2005, the CITS was originally conceived as ‘umbrella unit’, merging the defunct Computer Center and the ‘ICT Committee’ and bringing their functionalities under a single department assigned the responsibility of providing “Information Technology infrastructure and services to staff and students of the University of Lagos and other stakeholders”. Accordingly, the main focus of the CITS at inception centered around building in-house capacity and developing capability to meet the immediate and short-terms specifications of its mandate, including the installation of a campus-wide network and institution of network based ICT support for core university business processes. A few years into its existence and following a comprehensive review of its operations as informed by the continuing evolution of best practices in Information Communication Technology applications, the center was reorganized into three broad operational units, namely:


Software Engineering and Electronics Applications (SE&E)


Network Infrastructure and Services (NIS)


Computer Operations, Maintenance, and Laboratory Services

Under that dispensation and in broad terms, the Software Engineering and e-applications unit is assigned the responsibility of providing support for business processes that utilize software and electronic-based applications; including online registration of courses by students, and the processing of semester examinations results. The Network Infrastructure and Services section consists of two functional units; the responsibility for building, extending, and maintaining the core network and subnets on the University’s campuses resides with Network Infrastructure unit (‘network team’), whilst the Network Services unit ( ‘Web Team’) working in close collaboration with the ‘Network Team’ has charge of web/portal-based services provided by the Center, including general operations and maintenance activities associated with the University’s web site. All matters of interest to the procurement and maintenance of computers and ICT equipment and devices fall under the schedule of responsibilities for the Computer Operations and Laboratory Services. Over the years, use of the ICTs has since emerged as a critical component part of the University’s core and ancillary business processes, having been fully adapted to drive the its core processes of teaching and research as well as fiscal and administrative processes.
A recent review of the University’s long-term strategic vision identified the main strategic objective of “ providing state-of-the-art-quality and cost-effective ICT support services” for the CITS, and in order to meet the demands implicit in this objective, the management of the CITS has adopted a coordinated approach to the development, acquisition, and deployment of ICT equipment and solutions for the support services to be provided by the Center. With this model, whose ultimate goal is the institution of a coherent infrastructure towards the improved utilization of fiscal and human resources, ICT functions across the University of Lagos will be centrally defined, managed, and supported, but asset owners will be responsible for routine operations.

To become an ICT support Center with ubiquitous influence over the utilization of ICT tools and solutions for teaching, learning, research, and administrative processes in synchronism with the strategic vision of the University of Lagos Mission
To provide efficient cost-effective, and state-of-the-art ICT support services for the administrative, core business, and ancillary processes of the University of Lagos
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    Professionalism, commitment, and unwavering loyalty in discharge of duties
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    Conduct always informed by sense of discipline, self respect, diligence, and transparent integrity
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    Customer satisfaction always a priority
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    Commitment to team spirit and team work in all endeavors

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