Software Development and E-applications (SD&E)

software-developmentThe Software Development and e-Applications Unit represents the ‘software power house’ of the CITS, and has  responsibility for the development, support, and maintenance business-applications specific software for various units of the University. This fledging unit has in recent times, addressed a number of representative projects, including:
  1. Development of website for the Office of Advancement
  2. Development of website for the Office of Research and Innovation
  3. Medical Records Management System for the Medical Center
Projects with similar requirements, such as leave management system and inventory control systems will be developed and implemented by the unit, in due course. In addition to this generic role, the SD & E unit will offer ‘software developer’ support roles to the ID Card and Access Control Unit, as well as the Electronic Documents Management System. The unit will also be responsible for:
- Deployment of e-learning tools
- Basic ICT training for staff and students
- ICT advisory duties